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At Affenium we support professionals in making a difference by solving problems, communicating with impact, and making the most of their time.

We achieve this ambition by:

  • Delivering world-class training programs in structured problem solving and best-practice communication globally
  • Building communities of thought-leaders for knowledge and opportunity sharing that advance careers, businesses and causes

Affenium is founded on our community of former consultants from the three global top tier management consulting firms, bringing together outstanding talent, drive and insight.

Our key strengths are our excellence in problem solving, communication and efficiency; dedication to relentlessly high quality; commitment to develop great people; belief in the strongest professional values; and our desire to make a difference.


Problem Solving & Communication

For every problem there is a solution.

Affenium empowers you to find it, with our distinctive learning and development programs in structured problem solving and communication.

Our programs provide the full set of methods and tools to define, structure, prioritize and analyze any problem and to communicate the answer with clarity and impact, similar to how the global top tier management consulting firms work.

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Best-Practice PowerPoint Communication

Even if you know what you want to say, it’s not always easy to get your message across.

PowerPoint is the most widely used format for corporate communication, yet many of us struggle to communicate with slides, in spite of investing many frustrating hours. As recipients, we often feel confused by unclear slides.

Affenium’s training programs in Best-Practice PowerPoint Communication allow you to succeed in PowerPoint. Our programs cover the full methodology of how to structure and design slides, ensuring that your communication is clear and focused; that your audience understands and follows your recommendations; and that you spend much less time in front of the screen.

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The foundation for Affenium is our community of alumni from the three global top tier management consulting firms.

Each member of our community is a former consultant from one of the three top tier management consulting firms, who has been personally recommended for membership by an existing member. All share the same strong values, skills and desire to make a difference, making the Community a distinctive group of top-caliber professionals from across corporate life, the public sector and startups.

Their shared background makes the community a truly unique platform for Affenium’s portfolio of training programs, tools and services in problem solving and PowerPoint communication – all made by and for top tier management consultants, for the benefit of all professionals.

For community members, Affenium recreates the same professional support infrastructure that made these alumni so successful and productive as consultants, and actively facilitates business opportunities, professional development and networking to serve members, their organizations, and their causes.

Among the many tools and services provided by Affenium to community members are:

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing of non-confidential experience, insights and lessons learnt
  • Access to training programs, leadership development and mentoring
  • Access to productivity and analytical tools and services
  • Board, career and investment opportunities
  • Networking and opportunity generation

For inquiries regarding the Affenium community, please contact us via the button below.

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Affenium emerged among European alumni of the top tier management consulting firms with the vision of addressing the needs and values of top-caliber professionals: Training and coaching in best-practice problem solving and communication, a support infrastructure of efficiency tools and services, and facilitated sharing of knowledge and opportunities.

The backbone of Affenium is our unwavering dedication to the highest professional values and principles:

  • To pursue the highest possible quality in everything we do
  • To design training programs, services and interactions to be time and resource efficient
  • To let client and member feedback be a primary source of continuous innovation and development
  • To treat all clients, members and partners with equally high respect and dedication, regardless of position or person
  • To strictly observe confidentiality
  • To make a difference by enabling clients and members to make a difference for their organizations, their causes, and themselves

Affenium launched in 2014 and operates out of Copenhagen, Denmark, under the leadership of Co-founder and Managing Director Martin Overgaard Jensen and an international Advisory Board of distinguished leaders. Our portfolio of products and services are available and executed worldwide.

Martin Overgaard Jensen former management consultant with McKinsey

Martin was Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company 2005-09. He also led internal and external training programs in problem solving and communication. During 2010-14 Martin served Rail Net Denmark, ultimately as Deputy Director of Operations (600 staff) and Head of Traffic Planning (60 staff). Martin has been full time with Affenium since 2015. He holds a PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada, and is a former Sergeant of the Danish Army.