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Working with PowerPoint, you want the job done fast and done right, in a professional and consistent way.


The Affenium PowerPoint toolbar is a PowerPoint add-in that packs a punch. The toolbar helps reduce the time needed for those tasks which can take hours (aligning boxes, resizing objects, combining text boxes) to minutes, freeing you up to tackle the rest of your to do list.


The Affenium Toolbar has been carefully designed with 8 main sections that groups functions according to type:

  • Presentation: Where you will find features to manage your entire presentation
  • Format: Specific functions to facilitate presentation editing
  • Insert: Several options to customize and increase your layout quality
  • Distribute: Features to further support presentation formatting
  • Change: Distinct options that guarantee presentation consistency
  • Select: Time-saving options to reduce unnecessary clicks
  • Specials: Additional functions to complement your presentation
  • Affenium: A special section with details about the toolbar, the company and a space for feedback
Feedback from company on success of Affenium PowerPoint toolbar roll-out

Among the 60+ time-saving productivity features, you will be able to enjoy the possibility to:

  • Save and send selected slides with or without displaying its date version
  • Set specific slide margins and drawing guides for easier formatting
  • Align titles and footers
  • Choose your preferred language and decimal-style formatting, including US and UK English
  • Manage your layout right from the start by setting outline, color and font style choices to future inserted objects
  • Quickly adjust text and shape formatting from fills to font sizes
  • Insert commonly-used text boxes and shapes to emphasize different points
Slide illustration of the functions and agenda generator of Affenium PowerPoint productivity toolbar add-in
  • Add stickers, legend and numbers to your slides for an easier collaboration among teams
  • Change the proportion of Harvey balls and traffic light colors in a simple click
  • Search for specific icons, view recently used icons and choose from a significantly broad selection
  • Add pictures in a rounded format and precise shading to your presentation
  • Swap and distribute the position of selected objects
  • Avoid wasting time by selecting objects with similar formatting in one-go
  • Equalize or standardize corners and angles of different shapes
  • Adjust size, height and width of shapes for precise-looking slides
  • Combine or divide text boxes simply and logically according to your needs
  • Insert comment boxes to important slides for a clear communication
  • Dynamically update or delete an entire agenda from an individual slide
  • Easily import and utilize a host of time-saving templates through the Slides Archive
  • And many more…


The toolbar is the unique product of co-creation between users and the Affenium Community of alumni of the global top tier management consulting firms – who, if any, are super users of PowerPoint.

We have an established culture of continuous feedback and as such our Toolbar contains exactly what our users want it to contain. Each new version adds those new functions that users value the most.


The Affenium PowerPoint Toolbar is provided as an integrated part of our training program in Best-Practice PowerPoint Communication, powering up the best-practice communication principles that we teach, coach and use ourselves. It is also available as a stand-alone product.



How much of your time do you sink into PowerPoint?


Using the Affenium PowerPoint Production Support (PPS) is like having your own personal assistant to work on your PowerPoint presentations.

Our designers can do it all, from editing and enhancing existing presentations, to transferring presentations to new corporate templates, to ensuring compliance with your corporate visual identity.


Using the PPS couldn’t be easier. When you have set up a PPS agreement with us, all you have to do to use the service is to send your task to our designers via email. In your email you attach the files that you would like the designers to work on, as well as your specific instructions and your deadline. They will take care of the work and send it back to you directly via email.

We prefer to keep things simple and transparent, which is why we don’t put a middle layer in between you and your designer to manage things. Instead we simply let you communicate directly with the experts who work on your slides. This makes everything faster and cheaper and prevents misunderstandings.

We also extend this preference for simplicity to our pricing. Our competitive pricing is charged per minute of actual production time spent with no minimum monthly usage commitment, no pre-payments or “packages” that expire, and no trying to guestimate the time spent when paying per slide or per job. We take care of all administration and provide you with a monthly invoice with full usage statistics.


We understand how important your information is to your business and we take every possible precaution to ensure the safety and confidentiality of that information. All of our designer’s complete full confidentiality training and sign a comprehensive NDA agreement before they see any client material. When you contact us about making a PPS agreement, we share our full confidentiality policy with you so you can have confidence in the security of the service. Furthermore, we are always open to discussing implementing additional confidentiality measures if this could be relevant to you.


The designers of the Affenium PPS are fully briefed on the principles of best-practice PowerPoint design and can help ensure that the tools and techniques that are taught in our Best-Practice PowerPoint presentation are implemented in the presentations they return to you.