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Best Practice Powerpoint Communication



It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Make PowerPoint work for you.

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Copenhagen April 22nd-23rd

Open Program

Copenhagen June 16th-17th

Open Program

London August 26th-27th

Open Program


The Affenium Best-practice PowerPoint Communication training gives participants everything they need, not only to create sharp, smart and professional looking PowerPoint presentations, but also to craft messages which are impactful and persuasive in less time. This training program puts a significant emphasis on message design, and as such it is suitable for anyone who uses PowerPoint to get their messages across and wants to improve their efficiency.


Feedback across the board, including for course content and structure, execution and business value of the training, has been outstanding. In fact, 100% of participants who attend the training program are either very or extremely satisfied with the program. You can read some of our participant’s feedback on the training below.


The Best-practice PowerPoint Communication training program has been built around the four key drivers of success in communication; structure, simplicity, clarity and consistency.

Each of these drivers is specifically catered for by one of the individual chapters of the training:

  • Storyline structure – Structuring your content to create a flow that your audience will find engaging and persuasive
  • Message design – Design each slide in the best possible way to communicate your message
  • Slide layout – Layout your slides in a way that lets your content speak for itself, instead of detracting from it
  • Tools and techniques – Learn how to do all of the above, as quickly and easily as possible


Our Best-practice PowerPoint Communication training program is designed to give you all knowledge that you need to unlock the power of PowerPoint. The key benefits of the training program are:

  • Significantly less time spent in preparing PowerPoint presentations which increases both personal and organizational efficiency
  • Higher success in getting audiences to understand, accept and follow your recommendations therefore improving your personal performance
  • Clearer, shorter and more focused communication
  • Reduction in miscommunications and misunderstandings between colleagues
  • More professional looking and corporate unified visual identity
  • Significantly less time spent in preparing PowerPoint presentations which increases both personal and organizational efficiency


As we teach in the training program, even the best solutions may not have impact if they are not delivered in the right way. This is why we have invested significantly in our approach to delivering our training programs, to create a successful learning environment for participants and to ensure optimal knowledge retention.

The key principles of our training programs are:

  • Interactive training with focus on dialogue and exercises
  • All participants bring their own computers and live PowerPoint presentation to work on, which enables them to apply the methods taught immediately which both ensures retention and allows for facilitator feedback on their specific presentation.
  • Training at the same level and quality as at the top-tier management consulting firms
  • Extensive use of real-life examples
  • Maximum 12 participants per class to ensure full facilitator coverage
  • Comprehensive course materials in printed and digital format
  • All participants in the Best-practice PowerPoint training program receive a generous trial of the Affenium Toolbar and the Affenium PowerPoint Production Support.


All our facilitators have extensive first-hand experience in using PowerPoint for professional communication in a broad range of situations with diverse audiences. All facilitators are alumni of the top-tier consulting firms and have extensive first-hand experience in corporate management roles and executive positions in start-ups. In addition, all our facilitators have experience and passion for teaching.


We offer two main types of training program “open” programs and “company specific” programs.

Our “open” programs are accelerated two-day sessions hosted by us covering the full problem solving and communication methodology, which participants can sign up for individually or in small groups. In an “open” program we take care of all of the logistics including venue and lunch, so this is an ideal solution for companies that only have a small number of participants or that would like their participants to meet and network with professionals from other companies.

Our “company specific” programs typically run over two days “in-house” at the requesting company. This option is more suited to companies who have a greater number of participants who could benefit from the training, or who would like the training content to be tailored to their specific business needs or included as part of their existing talent development programs. Company program participants also have the option of organizing additional individual coaching on their application of the methodology to their live business cases, after the training has concluded. Our company programs are inherently flexible, and we are always open to working together with potential clients to tailor the program to suit the specific needs of their organization.

The Affenium program in Best-Practice PowerPoint Communication is suitable both as a stand-alone training program or as the natural “next step” extension of prior participation in our Problem Solving & Communication program.

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What Our Clients Say

“I am thrilled to have learnt SO much in only one day. Both the energy level and knowledge depth of the instructor were highly inspiring and impressive!!!”

Recent training participant

“Thank you very much for a totally fantastic course. I came away thinking that I had learned a lot that I can use and also that the time had really flown by. I can highly recommend this course to others”

Recent training participant

“I wish many of my colleagues would also take this course. It would make my life so much easier”

Recent training participant

“I think it was a great training program, which really helped me structure my thinking around making PowerPoint presentations. I think the receivers of my slides will be very pleased”

Recent training participant

“The course was very well structured. I would like to emphasize that the examples were very well chosen and the content of the exercises was spot on”

Recent training participant

Copenhagen June 16th-17th

Copenhagen April 22nd-23rd

London August 26th-27th