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Problem Solving & Communication



Define, structure and prioritize problems. Develop and communicate solutions.

Upcoming training dates

Copenhagen March 19th-20th

Open Program

Copenhagen May 13th-14th

Open Program

London September 7th-8th

Open Program


The Affenium Problem Solving and communication training program provides participants with the complete toolkit they will need to solve virtually any business problem. Based on the principles used by the top-tier consulting firms, the training gives participants analytical and communication skills which are applicable across any line of work and at any level within your organization.


Feedback across the board, including for content, execution and business relevance of the training, is incredibly positive. 98% of surveyed participants find that our problem solving programs meet or exceed their expectations. In addition, 94% of surveyed participants are confident or very confident in using the new methods and tools. You can read some of our participant’s feedback on the training below.


A five step problem solving methodology is the framework of the training program:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Structure the problem
  3. Prioritize the issues
  4. Analyze the issues
  5. Synthesize and communicate the solution

Each step of the process is explained and illustrated through concrete tools and methods that can individually be applied to a huge host of everyday business problems, both big and small.


As we teach in the training program, even the best solutions may not have impact if they are not delivered in the right way. This is why we have invested significantly in our approach to delivering our training programs, to create a successful learning environment for participants and to ensure optimal knowledge retention. The key principles of our training programs are:

  • Interactive training with focus on dialogue and exercises
    Multiple case-based exercises to ensure participants use the methods taught right away
  • Training at the same level and quality as at the top-tier management consulting firms
  • All facilitators are former top-tier management consultants with senior management experience and deep hands-on experience in both problem solving and professional training
  • Extensive use of real-life examples
  • Maximum 16 participants per class to ensure full facilitator coverage
  • Comprehensive course materials in printed and digital format


Your time is highly valuable and investing it in taking a training program should give tangible results. The key benefits of our Problem Solving & Communication training program are:

  • Higher quality of day-to-day thinking
  • Better business end products, e.g., project outcomes, management and board meetings, and operational improvements
  • Better, clearer and much more actionable communication
  • Greater personal efficiency
  • Better collaboration within and across departments, with a shared language and framework to refer to when working together
  • Better collaboration with external partners and clients


All our facilitators fully understand how to apply the methods taught in the program from their own professional experience. All facilitators are alumni of the top-tier consulting firms and have extensive first-hand experience in corporate management roles and executive positions. In addition, all our facilitators have deep experience and passion for teaching, so you can be totally certain of having an excellent training experience.


We offer two main types of training program “open” programs and “company” programs.

Our “open” programs are accelerated two-day sessions hosted by us covering the full problem solving and communication methodology, which participants can sign up for individually or in small groups. In an “open” program we take care of all of the logistics including venue and lunch, so this is an ideal solution for companies that only have a small number of participants or that would like their participants to meet and network with professionals from other companies.

Our “company” programs typically run over three days “in-house” at the requesting company. This option is more suited to companies who have a greater number of participants who could benefit from the training, or who would like the training content to be tailored to their specific business needs or included as part of their existing talent development programs. Many of our Company program participants also organize additional individual coaching on their application of the methodology to their own live business cases, after the training has concluded. Our company programs are inherently flexible, and we are always open to working together with potential clients to tailor the program to suit the specific needs of their organization.

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What Our Clients Say

“Very well-prepared facilitator and straight to the point course with plenty of techniques learned. It would be one course I would consider mandatory for all employees”

Recent training participant

“I highly recommend this training course. It will dramatically improve your ability to structure and solve problems, synthesize results, and communicate with impact. Having learned the tools myself, I benefit from them every week. And having sent several employees to the Affenium training, I have first-hand experience of the skill and mindset change it creates in a team”

Recent training participant

“Quality and delivery of the presentation were simply outstanding. By far one of the most professional training sessions that I have ever participated in”

Recent training participant

“I am very satisfied with the training. I have already started using the methods and applying them in my daily work. I will definitely implement them to solve and communicate problems daily, as well as for the business cases I create”

Recent training participant

“Really one of the best trainings I have ever attended”

Recent training participant

Copenhagen June 16th-17th

London September 7th-8th

Copenhagen May 13th-14th

Copenhagen March 19th-20th